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Our 31th Snider Family Reunion will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2021 at St. Mary’s Recreational Hall, Bremond, Texas, next to the church. The Reunion will begin with Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church at 11:00 followed by covered dish luncheon.

Auctions – We will hold a Silent Auction and a Big Auction. All donations will be appreciated which will help pay for the hall rental and a small contribution to the priest for officiating Mass. We will also hold the 50/50 Auction. The winner of the 50/50 Auction receives 50% of the proceeds collected and the remaining 50% goes into the Reunion Fund.

Photos – Family photos will be taken immediately following lunch.

Daniel Leo Storemski, 79, of Reagan, passed away on August 10th, 2018 at his home on the family farm in Reagan

Dan was born near Willow Creek in Robertson County, to Kie and Willie (Snider) Storemski, on May 11, 1939. On July 18, 1959, Dan married Sally Casey in Marlin, Texas and took his bride back to California. Dan and Sally had three children: Virginia Elizabeth, Casey Lynn and Daniel Kie. Dan and Sally lived in California until his discharge from the Marine Corps in June of 1965.
On March 5, 1979, Dan and Sally were divorced. On August 20th, 1982, Dan married Alice Ann Taylor and they had two children:Joshua Shea and Alicia Danielle.
Dan and Alice were married for 35 years, just shy of their 36th anniversary. He worked at ALCOA as a metal dispatcher retired in July of 2001. Dan enjoyed gardening, listening to polkas, playing dominoes, the outdoors, fishing, and spending time with his dog December. Dan especially enjoyed being with his children and grandchildren.
Dan is survived by his wife, Alice Ann Storemski; sons: Daniel Kie and Joshua Shea Storemski; daughters: Virginia Elizabeth Usman, Casey Currie and Alicia Danielle Avelar; sister Louise Erwin; nieces: Sylvia Stansel and Mandy Schaefer; and several grandchildren great-grandchildren. Dan was preceded in death by his parents Kie and Willie Storemski, sister Teresa Joan Wisnoski and husband Harry Wisnoski.

Richard and Lynda Kubiak's grand daughter Celebrates 4th Birthday!

Emma Nicholas, daughter of Dan and Michelle Kubiak Nicholas, observed her 4th birthday on January 13, 2018.


Theresa Joan (Storemski) Wisnoski dies at age of 83 on Friday, February 26, 2016.

Theresa Joan (Storemski) Wisnoski, eldest child of Kie and Willie (Snider) Storemski, born in Harrah, Oklahoma on Monday, May 9, 1932. Theresa died on Friday, February 26, 2016 at the age of 83.

Received the following email from Evelyn Snider Cherry ( regarding the upcoming 2016 Snider Family Reunion:

The 2016 Snider Family Reunion will be held Saturday, July 30th, 2016 at the Abrahams Hall, 515 Main Street, Bremond, Texas. The Reunion will begin with Mass at St. Mary’s Catholic Church at 11:00 followed by covered dish luncheon at the Abrahams Hall. (Hall open from 10:00 to 4:00).

Auctions – We will hold a Silent Auction and a Big Auction. All donations will be appreciated which will help pay for the hall rental and a small contribution to the priest for officiating Mass. We will also hold the 50/50 Auction. The winner of the 50/50 Auction receives 50% of the proceeds collected and the remaining 50% goes into the Reunion Fund.

Photos – Family photos will be taken immediately following lunch.

Grady's wife, Lillie Snider, passed today, 6/5/14

Got the following email from Evelyn:
Grady's wife, Lillie, passed today, 6/5/14. Lillie had diabetes and heart problems before Grady passed. She was in Hospice in Navasota this last week but the girls did not notify us. The youngest daughter, Elizabeth, stayed with her. Lillie wanted to be cremated with no Memorial Service.

LOUIS SNIDER DIED JUNE 12, 2013 in Conroe, Montgomery, Texas

Louis Snider, born 4 NOVEMBER 1925 in Wootan Wells, Robertson, Texas; died at the age of 87 on JUNE 12, 2013 in Conroe, Montgomery, Texas.


Received the following email from Evelyn Cherry:
Rhonda Wood notified me today that Frankie passed away yesterday, 9/24/12, at 2:30; Funeral arrangements are pending and she will notify us. I will let you know when she gives me the info or I think he might be buried from where Uncle Bruno was buried - South Park Funeral Home in Pearland.

He suffered a long hard battle with cancer for some years. May he rest in peace.

Snider Family Birth Announcement

Received the following email from Rosemary Ochs regarding a birth announcement in the Bill Snider family:
This is the latest addition to the Snider family....Jake, brother Rick's oldest son, and his wife Katy, had Levi William Snider born May 30, 2012. It is so sad Rick isn't around because he loved kids soo much.....Jake is besides himself with pride and joy......he loves kids as much as his daddy did. Levi's middle name William was brother Rick's middle name also....

Also, Richie graduated from high school this year and is planning on joining the Marines...... if these pics don't come out....i plan on visiting next week and will take my camera for better pics..... let me know....

Levi William Snider born May 30, 2012 to parents Jake and Katy Snider

Received the following email from cousin Evelyn Welborn (

Rhonda Wood called tonight and informed me that her grandmother, Verna Kubiak Snider, passed away today, February 9, 2011 at the age of 88. Verna, younger sister of John Kubiak, was married to Bruno Snider and had four children including:

Bruno Steve- born on October 2, 1940 in Reagan, Falls County, Texas
Barbara Jean- born on April 9, 1942 in Marlin, Falls County, Texas
Frank- born on January 20, 1947 in Robertson County near Bremond
and Joann.

) After her divorce from Bruno, Verna lived for a while in Robertson County and later lived with her youngest daughter, Joann in Crosby for many years.

Rhonda thinks she will be buried in Pearland and I will keep you posted on the details. Remember the family in your prayers. Rhonda will fly in for the funeral - she and David live in Williamsburg, VA. Rhonda is having thyroid surgery March 17th. She has 2 cancerous tumors on her thyroid. Pray for her complete recovery as well.
Stay warm and safe.

Evelyn Snider Welborn

Received the following email from cousin Evelyn Welborn (

Kenny Snider passed this morn, 9/25/10. Aunt Stella called Aunt Natalie and Uncle Louis to inform them that Kenny passed away this morning; He had pneumoia. Larry Wayne, his brother, was with hiim when he died. The Denton State home had called him and he got there before he passed. Kenny was 53 yrs old; he got that mosquito disease Encephalitis when he was only 2 yrs old. Jean Kubiak and I helped take care of him at Texas Children's Hospital. He as you all know had brain damage and was blinded from the disease. Pray for his soul.

Kenny will be buried at St. Mary's Church in Bremond, on Wednesday, 9/29/10 at 11:00.


P.S. Aunt Natalie lost her brother-in-law, Bill Janowski, last Friday. The service was held, Wed at Earthman's Gethsame in Houston. His wife, Aunt Natalie's only sister, Lillianh, died about 5 yrs ago with cancer. He leaves behind a son and daughter and 3 grandsons whom he adored. I went to the service and it was special. Bill retired from Houston Lighting and Power Company and they had a picture shwong him recieving his award for service; He was also in the U S Army, Korean War. Please remember the family in your prayers.


Mike Snider Family Members at the 2010 Reunion in Bremond

The bi-annual SNIDER family reunion was held in Bremond, Texas at St. Mary’s Recreation Hall on Saturday, July 10th. Good turnout! Special thanks to Al and Jean Knapik for their generous donations to the auction that helped make the event a success and to Norbert and Hattie for their help in getting everything setup for the reunion.

Received the following email from cousin Evelyn Welborn (

Sorry to inform the family that my oldest brother, Grady, passed away this afternoon 7/4/2010 at the College Station Medical Center Hospital after a lengthy stay in the hospital fighting diabeties and toe amputation infection.


The 24th reunion of the Snider Family of Robertson County was held on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at St. Mary's Recreational Hall in Bremond Texas.

The reunion was dedicated to the last surviving member of the Mike Snider family, Louis Snider and his wife Natalie

(Louis Snider, his beautiful wife, Natalie and grand-daughter Katie)

...... and to all deceased members of the Mike Snider family marking 135 years ago that the Thomas Snider (Suchowiak)family came to America from a farming hamlet called Sarbia in Polish Prussia.

Thomas and Balbina Suchowiak, Lewis Snider's grandparents, had 10 children including our reunion namesake, Mike Snider. My mother, Connie Snider Kubiak remembered Tom and Balbina as very happy and sharing people who lived near the town of Wootan Wells and often went into Bremond with their horse and buggy.
My grandfather, Mike Snider, was born in Wootan Wells on September 10, 1882 (over 115 years ago). Mike married Veronica Grudziecki on November 15, 1906 and they had eight children:

John Snider, deceased
Willie Snider Storemski, deceased
Bill Snider, deceased
Connie Snider Kubiak, deceased
Bruno Snider, deceased
Christine Snider Knapik, deceased
Louis Snider ( Born November 14, 1925)
Lee Snider, deceased

The Saturday reunion was a fun filled event with great food and deserts and plenty of time for visiting, bidding on the silent auction items and the main auction (many thanks to all that donated gifts for the auctions and raffles)and everyone had a great time. Uncle Louis and Aunt Natalie, still a handsome couple at their age, were in great spirits and Uncle Louis entertained us with stories of his childhood and later attributed his good health to a great wife and excellent doctors. He recalled Natalie's 90+ mile per hour dash to the hospital during a heart attack and good work on the part of doctors to restore him to excellent health.

Many thanks to Evelyn for all her coordination work and to Norbert and Hattie for arranging for the hall and providing his famous Polish sausage, to Kathy Penick for her generous donation of food from the Coalmine Restaurant, to Marilyn Snider, Jenny Kubiak, Lynda Kubiak and others who worked in the kitchen to make the reunion dinner a success.

Local business owners and elected public officials were there including Sheriff Yezak and his family, Al and Jean Knapik, owners of the Dry Bean Saloon, Cathy and Jim Penick, owners of the Coalmine Restaurant, and Norbert and Hattie Snider, owners of the local barber shop , and Mark and Mike Snider, Houston area firemen and Louis Snider, retired fireman from Houston were all there. I even saw former State Representative, L.B. Kubiak weilding a broom. L.B. was recently names as one of the outstanding Rockdale footbale players of the past being inducted into the Rockdale Hall of Fame this fall.

Every Mike Snider family was represented at the reunion. Al Snider provided the Polka music via his CD collection, and many Snider family members donated to the reunion financially through thir generous donations of gifts and generous spirited bidding on auction items. And many members got a cutting from Connie Snider Kubiaks mystery flowering plant that still grows abundantly on the Kubiak farm.


The following reunion minutes were prepared by the Secretary of the Snider Family Reunion Association, Evelyn Snider Welborn:

JULY 26, 2008


FROM: Evelyn Snider Welborn, Secretary

The Snider Family reunion was held Saturday, July 26th, 2008 in Bremond, Texas. We had approximately 55 people in attendance. It started with Mass celebrated at 11:00 by a visiting priest. Covered dish luncheon at St Mary’s Hall followed. Lots of good home cooked food was enjoyed by all. The Reunion was dedicated with honor to all of our deceased members.

Len Kubiak, our President, welcomed everyone to the reunion We held the 50/50 auction, 5-item drawing, the silent auction and the big auction. The auctioneer was Al Snider. He did a superb job of getting bids on the many nice items donated by our members. We thank everyone who brought items for the drawings and auctions. Special thanks to Al and Jean Knapik for the stuffed animals donated to the children. Also, thank you, Leonard for bringing those huge delicious watermelons that you grew on your family’s farm. Uncle Louis and Aunt Natalie, we thank you for bringing that famous Chappell Hill sausage that you always bring to the reunions. It was most delicious and enjoyed by all. And a special thanks to Lindsay Kubiak who helped with the drawings and auctions.

Photos were taken and will be on display at the next reunion. Len suggested we take a group photo which he will put on the Snider Website. The reunion album from 2006 was available for viewing.

Congratulations to all the high school and college graduates. High School graduates were: Danielle Storemski, Marlin High 2008; Billy Snider, New Caney High 2007 and attending Univ of Houston; Rebecca Fite, Klein Oak High 2008; Jacob Snider, graduate 2008; Kristi Bender, Graduate of A&M Galveston 2007; Greg Snider, A&M 2007; Brian Snider, A&M 2007; Jessica Snider, Masters SHSU 2008; Jenny Snider, Stephen F Austin 2007.

Aunt Christine passed December 10, 2006; Lori Rummel passed Sept 2, 2006; Linda Knapik passed July 2007. We will miss them dearly.

Rachel & Kevin’s son, Cody, won a fishing Tournament at Kosse. He caught the largest bass.

Randa Yezak was voted outstanding student at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at A&M in 2007; Randa was also elected 2006-07 International Brangus Queen of the Brangus Association; Randa is now on the Brangus Judging team.

Jeremy Black with Pearland High School FFA won numerous awards for showing his Brangus calves at the Houston Rodeo and Fairs in Texas.

Dwayne Snider plays in the New Caney High Marching band and is an All Star Baseball player. He plans to play college baseball and has had inquiries already from several colleges including Baylor, Okla University and Stephen F Austin.

Michael, Alisha Treece’s son, graduated from the 8th grade; Alisha’s daughter, MaKenzie was a star baseball player on the Tournament Team.

Jacob Yezak is a member of the Brangus Association – received awards in showing of his Brangus. Jacob was a star football player for Bremond High; his team went to playoffs.

Shawn Stewart – Fished in FLW Outdoor Walmart Fishing Tournament. He finished with pro-anglers in 2nd place out of 200 anglers. Shawn also fished in the top 10 – won 9th for a prize of $3,000. There were Anglers from Japan, Italy, Alaska and many other states. Thanks to Randall Kubiak for reporting this to us.

Richard Kubiak opened a new dental clinic in Giddings and his son, Keith and Keith’s wife all work there. Congratulations.

L.B. Kubiak was inducted into the Rockdale Hall of Fame for being an outstanding Linebacker for the Rockdale Bulldogs during his Senior year. He was one of ten players chosen for this honor and the display will be in the new Rockdale High School in November 2008.

The Brenham Museum has made a tribute to Repr. Dan Kubiak by displaying books he wrote and his contribution to the State of Texas as our Congressman. Dan was an outstanding leader. He was one of the founders of the Snider reunion along with brother, Len. He died in August 1998.

An award was given to Uncle Louis as the surviving member of the Mike and Veronica Snider family. He was asked to speak to us about his youth, career, family and retirement. We applauded him for the inspirational speech he made and for the many things he taught us throughout the years. May he join us at many more reunions!! Uncle Louis played the fiddle in the Polish Eagles band which used to play at our reunions. We miss those special times since the band retired.

Leonard Kubiak opened the business meeting. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously that we accept the minutes of the 2006 reunion as written and mailed to all members. Cathy Penick gave the Treasurer’s report for 2006 and the 2008 report is attached.

Under New Business, Len Kubiak brought up for discussion the possibility of holding our reunion annually. A vote was taken and the majority chose to continue holding the reunion every two years. A motion was made, seconded and passed that we hold the next reunion in Bremond, Tx, the 2nd Saturday in July, 2010. A committee will research renting a less expensive facility. We now pay $200.00 for the St. Mary’s facilities, Bremond, Texas. We will keep you posted on the new facility when we get one.

The officers for the 2010 reunion are:

President------- Leonard Kubiak
Vice President-- Mandy Schaefer
Secretary------- Evelyn Snider Welborn
Treasurer------- Cathy Penick
Historian ------ Leonard Kubiak
Snider Website--- Mandy Schaefer
Videos----------- Dan Storemski
Awards Committee-- Jean and Al Knapik Family
Organist---------- Lisa Yezak
Hall & Church Coordinators---- Norbert & Hattie Snider
Altar Server------ Jacob Yezak
Mass Lector------- Mandy Schaefer

New officers will be elected at the 2010 Snider Reunion so we want you to volunteer or suggest who we should nominate for officership.

We thank Al Snider for providing the musical tapes of Polish and Czech music to make our reunion special; Norbert and Hattie for scheduling the Mass and Hall; Hattie and Marilyn Snider, Cathy’s family and Lynda Kubiak for taking care of the kitchen as well as the many others who pitched in to set up and clean up; We also want to thank Lindsay Kubiak for her help with the drawings and the auctions.

Cathy Penick and family for furnishing supplies and to all of you who provided food and gifts and participated in the reunion to make it a successful one. We want to thank the volunteers at the Registration and raffle ticket table – Michael and MaKenzie (Alisha Treece’s children); Mandy Schaefer, Maigen Welborn and Alisa Stewart. You did an outstanding job!!

For your information, all families were represented except Uncle Bruno Snider’s family. We had 100% representation from the Louis and Natalie Snider family. Congratulations! We hope everyone makes the reunion in July, 2010.

Mandy Schaefer and Alisa Stewart will be working on ways and means to improve the attendance at the reunion. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please contact Mandy Erwin Schaefer at or write her at 4631 Meadows Edge Lane, Houston, Tx 77084-3788. We thank these young ladies for taking such initiative and hopefully we will get more of the younger members involved. All opinions are welcomed. We need more volunteers on this committee too so Mandy and Alisa will be contacting some of you.

We thank Cathy Penick for giving us a tour of her newly developed venture – Granny’s Bed and Bath. She remodeled her mother’s home into a Bed and Bath as well as the house next door. It was an amazing tour - beautiful and comfortable Bed and Bath’s. Aunt Christine would be so proud. Cathy stated that business has been good so far. The people who stay there have access to the Coal Mine Restaurant, to Al Knapik’s bar and to Jean’s store for shopping as well as using the yard at the Bed and Bath’s for grilling, barbecuing and relaxing under the cool trees.

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful reunion – we enjoyed lovely visits, good food and fun at the auctions. We pray for all who were ill and could not join us.

Evelyn Snider Welborn, Secretary
825 Fostoria Lane
Houston, Texas 77076
Email: Websites to review periodically for updates are:

Send me any available photos and stories about the reunion and I'll post them on this webpage.

Thanks to all who supported the 24th Snider Family Reunion of 2008

Leonard Kubiak



Linda Knapik, wife of Raymond Knapik, died on July 21, 2007 at the age of 57 in Hearne Texas. Funeral services for Linda Knapik were held July 26, 2007, at Gause, Texas, at the Full Gospel Church.


Christine Snider Knapik died Sunday, December 10, at approximately 1:00 PM of heart complications and passed away peacefully during the ambulance ride to the hospital. Christine was present at all family events and will be missed by us all.

EULOGY OF CHRISTINE SNIDER KNAPIK (June 24, 1921- December 10, 2006) Prepared by nephew, Leonard Kubiak of Rockdale.

Aunt Christine was a full-of-life country girl who spent more than 85 years within just a few miles of here. She spoke fluent Polish and was very comfortable in this special Polish community of Bremond that she called home. Christine was a caring, devout Christian, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother and an important member of the Snider family

Aunt Christine was born on June 24, 1921 to Mike and Veronica Snider on a farm in Wooten Wells where she lived the first 20 years of her life. As a young girl, she often rode to church under a warm quilt in the back of a horse-drawn buggy. Later her Dad got a model T and eventually a Model A Ford. This was the roaring 20’s era. When Christine was 8 years old when the entire country was plunged into the great depression. Hard work and doing without material goods got the family through it.

In 1937, tragedy struck the Mike Snider family. At the time, Christine was barely 16 years old when her mother died of pneumonia leaving the responsibilities for caring for the household and taking care of two younger brothers, Louis and Lee squarely on Christine’s shoulders.

In 1940, Aunt Christine was courted by a young man named Frank Knapik and they were married on January 23, 1941. The young couple set up housekeeping just a short distance from the Mike Snider farm during the time Hitler’s war was raging in Europe. Frank and Christine started off marriage with few resources. As Christine laughingly described the early days of her marriage, "It was a year or two after we married before we had a piece of a car. In those days, we was working for 75 cents a day and didn't have a steady job. We put in lots and lots of hard work. When we laid by, we had to go and help our neighbors. Me and Frank didn't have a car so we went to church and town with Daddy." "In those days, mighty few peoples had Christmas trees. Most of the time, we just throwed stockings on the bed for the kids." As Christine’s husband, Frank once described their first home, “You didn’t have to go outside- you could count your chickens through the cracks in the floor”!

As World War II drew to a close, the Knapik family moved to a sharecropper’s shack on the banks of the Little Brazos river. But it was home for Frank and Christine and their three children, Raymond, Al, and Cathy. In the late 50’s, Frank went to work for Alcoa and the Knapik family moved into an older Victorian-style home just a few blocks from here. Finally, Christine could have a real yard and flower beds without chickens. Economically, the Knapiks prospered and Christine was able to devote more time to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her home was always open to the needs of her family.

Special events in Christine’s life every year included visiting with her relatives at the annual Church Bazaar, visiting with her sisters and brothers and seeing everyone at the Snider Family reunion. Aunt Christine retained her keen mind and sharp wit throughout her old age. At her 82nd birthday celebration, Aunt Christine proclaimed she wasn’t fooled for a minute by the surprise birthday celebration planned by her family at the Coal mine. She completely loved all the attention surrounded by her family and yet another opportunity to visit with her relatives.


• Aunt Christine’s wonderful smile and her Snider sense of humor.
• Christine’s special way with the English language and her special laughter and expressions like “Goll-lee” and “peoples”.
• Her southern hospitality- You couldn’t visit her home without Christine offering to serve dinner
• Her neatness was another of her special characteristics-her home and yard was always immaculate.
• Like her sister, Connie, Aunt Christine loved flowers and filled her yard with flower beds. She especially liked pink flowers.
• She loved visiting with her sisters, Willie and Connie at every opportunity. They could go for hours on end, laughing and talking in Polish and broken English sharing the latest news about everyone they knew.
• Aunt Christine was always proud of the accomplishments of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and displayed their latest pictures around the home.
• She was also proud of her home. As you entered her home through a Victorian-style screened in back porch, you always got the grand tour of her home which was always so neat with everything in its place.
• Aunt Christine always appeared much younger than her age. Even in her declining years when she was confined to a wheelchair, she was a very classy lady.
• We shall always remember Aunt Christine’s enthusiasm for life, her sparkling eyes, her wit, charm and kindness and love of family and God.

Christine is survived by two sons, Raymond “Yogi” Knapik of Hearne, Al “Winky” Knapik of Bremond and one daughter, Cathy Knapik Penick of Bremond; eight grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren, and a brother, Louis.

I suspect Heaven is a buzzing with the reunion of yet another Mike Snider family member.
Aunt Christine was buried on Thursday, December 14 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Bremond.



Keith Kubiak, son of Richard Kubiak, graduated from dental school and received his sheepskin from Dad, a former graduate of the same Dental College. Keith is now a dentist at the Kubiak dental clinic in Giddings.


Sam Grudziecki, Jr. of Edna, Texas died in January of 2006 leaving behind his wife, Dorathy and children.


Mandy Erwin, daughter of Louise Storemski Erwin and Roy Erwin was married on March 19, 2005.


We have many Snider family members setting and achieving high goals. One of the latest is Joshua Storemski who graduated with the highest grade point average in his class at Marlin High School and is now attending college in San Antonio. Congratulations to Joshua. We have it on good authority that his sister, Danielle is following in his footsteps and is an outstanding student at Marlin High.


Kimberley Crocker, daughter of Mary Ann Crocker and granddaughter of Angie Snider Grucholski, is planning a May wedding.



Alyssa Kubiak Marburger, Dan Kubiak’s daughter, and husband, Paul doubled the size of their family with the arrival of twins, Kade Daniel and Karli Grace. The twins arrived unexpectedly on March 23, 2004 at 4:37 and 4:39 (4 weeks early). Kade Daniel was first, and weighed 5lbs. 4 ozs. and was 19 inches long. Karli Grace weighed in at 5 lbs. 8 ozs. and was 17 1/2 inches long. Both additions to the Mike Snider family are doing fine.


Received the following photos from Evelyn (Snider) Welborn, daughter of Bill Snider. The fishmerman with the big catch is her son, Brandon Welborn. The photos were taken near Destin, Florida on August 20, 2004.

What a catch by Brandon Welborn, Destin, Florida on August 20, 2004

Posing with the catch at Destin, Florida on August 20, 2004

Rachel Michelle Treece and Rodney "Kevin" Windham tie the knot at the First Baptist Church in Bremond!

Our Aunt Christine Snider Knapik was in the Marlin hospital and missed the wedding. However, Shirley and Ricky Stewart and myself and Rosemary Kubiak visited with Aunt Christine later that day. We found her doing much better and in great spirits. She kept us laughing the whole time (has not lost any of that Snider family humor or spirit!!)

Mark & Kathy Snider are new grandparents. Daughter, Amy, had a baby boy. Congratulations!

We were saddened to hear that Lori, Al & Jean Snider’s daughter, lost her husband, Lee, on New Year’s Eve because of a motorcycle accident. Also, Jim Penick’s mother passed away early this year due to an auto accident. We send our condolences to the family.

Evelyn Welborne's family have a new addition. Her daughter, Alisa and husband, Scott, had a baby girl, Cameryn Eilese, on October 11th, 2002. She now has 3 granddaughters, Maigen (17), Rebecca (14) and Cameryn, 17 mos.

Aunt Stella, Aunt Christine and Grady Snider have been ill recently but are doing better now. We are glad all are better and will at the reunion.


Kevin and Lynell (Kubiak) Hargrove and son Braden welcomed a new baby boy, Bryan Logan Hargrove, into their family Monday July 28, 2003. Lynell went into labor early that morning. She had the baby at 12:17 pm, and he weighed 8 lbs. 4 ozs. Lynell is the oldest daughter of Richard and Linda Kubiak (Richard is the youngest son of Connie Snider Kubiak).

Braden Hargrove, Age 1

Braden with new younger brother, Bryan! Hope to have them all present at the next Snider Family Reunion.


Keith Kubiak, son of Richard and Linda Kubiak of Giddings, got hitched on the 13th of May. Keith graduated from Dental School in Houston and has set up in his Dad's practice in Giddings. I understand the bride-to-be is also a dentist.
Congratulations to Keith and Lorayne!

Keith and Lorayne Married on May 13, 2006


Dakota, grandson of Leonard Kubiak, continues to achieve in sports in Cedar Park near Austin. His speed and quickness combined to make him an outstanding soccor and now baseball player. During his first season as in baseball, Dakota quickly became an outstanding hitter and fielder and once on base, usually could steal all the way home. Toward the end of the season, Dakota became a pitcher and soon was equally at home on the mound throwing harder with each game and picking off runners on the bases. Congratulations to Dakota and his dad, Randall who worked long hours to develop Dakota's skills in his very first season.

Dakota at bat. Although it was his first baseball season and many of the kids had played for years, Dakota soon became a standout with exciting hits, fielding plays and pitching.

Dakota Playing one of his favorite sports, soccor.


Shirley is enjoying being a grand mother with grandson Caleb and gran daughter Sydney.

Shirley Kubiak Stewart's newest grandchild, Syndey Paige Stewart, born April 21, 2005 to proud parents Shawn and Gayle Stewart.

Sydney's Baptism.

Sydney's First Easter.

Shirley's Daughter, Kristi and Husband Johnny with son, Caleb.

Shirley and grandson, Caleb.


Kubiak family has another college grad. In May of 2003, Logan Blair Kubiak, Son of L.B. and Jenny Kubiak of Rockdale graduated from Abilene Christian College, School of Business Administration, with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Logan's parents are both graduates of Texas A&M. In 1970, L.B. received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from A&M University and his wife, Jenny, received her Master's Degree in Education.


On June 22, 2003, the Snider family celebrated two special birthdays: Christine Snider Knapik will be 82 on the 24th of June and Grady Snider, oldest son of Bill Snider celebrated his 69th birthday. For photos of Christine's surprise birthday party, see:

Christine Snider Knapik 82nd Birthday Celebration

For photos of Grady's birthday party, see:

Grady Snider's 69th Birthday Celebration

Mandy Erwin Schaefer Wedding (3-19-2005) and additional Snider Family information.






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